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I'm sad, worried, scared and upset.
I've just come back from London, I've been there thousands times and I love that town. I really don't know what to say.

What I've seen in the news today makes me feel so terribly bad.

I'm so glad libby  is fine. I was so scared when this morning I sent her a message on her mobile phone and she didn't answer.

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I'm back!

I'm back from the South of England and I had such an amazing time!

Awesome people, awesome places, an amazing Keane concert in Hastings and yeah... Guys And Dolls in London... including Ewan McGregor, of course! YAY!!! 

Everything in a few days, but so intense and interesting! Strange feeling... it looks like I've been there for years, and at the same time flew by so fast! I want to go back! And it was so great to see again my wonderful friends who live there! I already miss them!

Guy And Dolls was excellent, much better than I had thought. Ewan is such an amazing actor and the rest of the cast were great as well! I'm not used to see musicals and it was a lot of fun! On Wednesday night it was raining so heavy when I came out of the theatre that I thought he would never show up... But people started queuing in front of the stage door so I joined them. He came out after about ten minutes, in jeans and leather jacket (yummy! ;D), and when I was right in front of him, he signed my booklet and then he looked at me with such a smile... OMG, I still don't know how could I survive!!! I would have liked to say a lot of things but I'm an idiot and I was completely petrified!! So I just said "thank you" which was the same thing he told me at the same time.

Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures while queuing. After I had got my autograph I tried to take some pics but it was still raining cats and dogs, I had the umbrella, my signed booklet, the bag, the camera... and I was alone... Well, you'll see the results in the pictures page!!

I spent the following days with my fiancee and my friends in the South of England (Brighton area), having a great time, and on Saturday we all decided to go back to London to try and find tickets for the Live8. We just managed to find tickets to watch the huge screens, and not for the area where the stage was, so we decided not to go and to spend the day hanging around in London instead.
So I went back in front of the Piccadilly Theatre after the play on Saturday night to try and take better pictures!

As soon as I got there I recognised  xandra73  but I was too shy and I wasn't sure it was actually her... But after a while my fiancee convinced me to try and stop her... well, I told myself "if it's not her then you'll say sorry and you go away... who cares??? Nobody knows you here!!"... So I took heart and stopped her... Luckily it was her!! And she is so nice!!
You can read what happened next in her detailed LJ, where she wrote a great report of her trip in London.

We found out yesterday that Ewan was off both on the 30th of June and on the 1st of July (exactly between the show I saw and the one she saw!!!), because of the death of a dear friend of his. So we've been very lucky to catch him!

By the way, here are the pics! Click on the thumbnails to enlarge them! Enjoy! :D

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_ila_ sent me a message from London!! She saw Ewan McGregor!! She said there were about 70 people outside the theatre and when he came out he signed autographs for everyone!! So he's really that kind and adorable!!
I only hope he's going to do the same on Wednesday when I'll be there!!!
And I hope he's going to do the same even when xandra73  will be there!! Hey xandra73 , let's keep fingers crossed!!! ;)

In the meantime, I've just read a rumor about the next season of 24 on the 24 Insider Website...

One of the new season five characters is named Craig Huxley. Craig is 15 and he lives in a small desert town, the type of place where people don’t ask questions and the type of place Jack Bauer could easily blend into. In the story the town is supposed to be around the city of Bakersfield, California; which is about 110 miles north of Los Angeles. Craig is a sophomore in high school and his mother is dating Jack. Craig and Jack don’t get along and Craig doesn’t want Jack around and he hates that Jack is dating his mother. Craig has an attitude and he isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

Hm... I don't like this kid... but I'm quite happy that Jack has a new relationship.
I'm just very surprised about the location... Only 110 miles from L.A.??? Wasn't he supposed to disappear across the border or at least very far away from L.A.??

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Midsummer night...

A lovely friend of mine managed to find for me 3 tickets for the Coldplay concert in Verona in July!!! YAY!! So I’m going there with my fiancée and a friend of mine! It’s going to be gorgeous!
The venue is the Arena in Verona and it’s a very old Roman amphitheatre, which is an amazing scenario for a concert on a midsummer night!  I can’t wait!
Hm… Im just realising now… Verona… Midsummer night… So romantic! And sooooo Shakespeare!! :)

So, yet another thing to look forward while I’m waiting for September!!!


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First entry...

So… Here I am! This is my first post and I don’t really know what to say… And I’m pretty nervous too!!!
Ok, now I will calm down… calm down… calm down… calm down…
First of all, I would like to thank _ila_ for bringing me here and for making this wonderful page for me! It’s amazing, I like it so much! Ila, you’re the best!
I also want to thank janine83 for spamming one of the Kiefer’s pics I’m using in this page.

Hm… so… why a Live Journal? I don’t know actually… Maybe because Ila convinced me (she learned from Nina and she’s pretty good at convincing people…;D), or maybe because I like the idea of having a place to keep my thoughts, my memories, my emotions, and where I can share this stuff with someone else. And yes, I think it will be fun and interesting!
This is a very exciting period for me, I’m planning my wedding, which will happen in September, and my Honeymoon, which will hopefully start a couple of days after my wedding. And I’m soooo excited!!! It all looks so beautiful that I hardly believe it’s going to be real! That’s why I’m so scared too!  Yeah, this is me, I live too intensely, both good and bad things, and the package include joy, happiness, love and all the other wonderful emotions, but also fear, angst etc etc…
While I’m waiting for September I’m planning to go to a couple of concerts, to have a very short holiday in England at the end of June (I’ll see Ewan McGregor in theatre, YAY!!) and to live as ever, seeing friends and chatting to them, listening to a lot of music, watching movies and maybe re-watching some old episodes of 24, which I miss a lot!! Yeah, I’ll buy Season 4 box as soon as it comes out in England!!

A couple of words about my nickname here. Lost In The Flood is an old song from the Bruce Springsteen’s first album (1972) and I simply adore it since the first time I’ve listened to it, about 17 years ago. He rarely performs it live and I had never had the chance to hear it in a concerts, though I’ve been to a lot of Bruce gigs. But last week I went to his concert in Milan, and the miracle happened!! He sat at the piano and sang it! Only voice and piano, it was incredibly intense and moving. What a great night! I was with my fiancée and 2 of my best friends and I really had an amazing time!
By the way, I thought Lost In The Flood was also a good name for me as I often happen to feel lost and tormented. Moreover I think the picture of a person lost in the flood and in the storm is very poetic and fascinating someway, even though it’s so angsty…

Ok, I’ve already talked too much for a first post, I think I should learn to keep it shorter!!
One more thing… Sorry for my English, this is only my second language! 
That’s all!

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